Tuesday, January 4, 2011

My Problems with and Solutions for Our Country

Two things you should know up front (and probably do if you read this site regularly):
-I am incredibly proud to be an American, but I have some problems with our country.
-I really dislike people who complain without offering solutions.
With that intro, allow me to introduce a new* series called "My Problems with and Solutions for Our Country."
*I have run a series of sports pet peeves which will probably overlap a bit but just bear with me.
Here are four:
Problem #1: Frivolous lawsuits. It drives me crazy when people press charges just to make a cheap buck. Don't look for the easy way out. 
Solution: If the plaintiff loses the cases, he/she must pay all court-related expenses for both parties as well as a fine for wasting everyone's time.
Problem #2: The BCS.
Solution: Click here.
Problem #3: The television show "Teen Mom." Great idea, MTV. Let's glorify teenage pregnancy. Brilliant.
Solution: Take the show off the air and keep these "celebrities" out of the public eye (especially that one that keeps getting arrested that should never be seen on tv again).
Problem #4: The fact Carl Pavano will land another $30mm+ contract. He was already given one that failed miserably by the Yankees. Now, the Twins, Nats, or some other shlubs will give him tens of millions.
Solution: Do not give Carl Pavano a multi-year deal. Please. For the good of all of baseball and your franchise, DO NOT GIVE CARL PAVANO THIS KIND OF MONEY. Even Alyssa Milano knew when to bail.

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